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What is a Petly Care Plan?

Petly is a secure individual health page dedicated to your pet.  Petly provides record keeping utilities and allows you direct 24/7 access to your pet’s health records.  Petly also shares informative articles on the latest trends in pet health. Trinity Veterinary Medical Center believes prevention is the best medicine, and we’re happy to offer Petly to all our current clients who have an active email address on file.

Need Vaccine History?


With Petly you can print your vaccine records right from home, plus so much more –


  • View your pet’s visit history at our practice

  • View upcoming appointment information

  • Request appointments & prescription refills

  • Sign-up to for appointment reminder text messages

  • Update your contact information

  • Manage your email preferences

  • View our recent Facebook posts!

Petly For Puppies & Kittens

Puppies and kittens are most vulnerable to illness and disease, and require more frequent veterinary visits to ensure that they complete their entire puppy or kitten vaccination series.  Disease prevention and parasite control at this early stage ensures your pet leads a long, healthy life.  Spays and neuters are available, as well.  Take advantage of the options available for your new Puppy & Kitten with our Gold and Platinum Petly Plan options.


Petly For Adult Dogs And Cats


When your pet reaches his adult years, the care he requires begins to change. A major focus on certain aspects become priority, such as diagnostic testing to check for early stages of disease and deteriorating condition.  Parasite control, preventative dental care and weight regulation remain critical components contributing to your pet's long term health.  Our Adult Petly Plans offer options for all life stages, from young adult to senior.  These plans cover vaccines and annual bloodwork, and may also include dental cleaning, radiographs (x-rays) and  ultrasound, if needed.

Worried About The Cost Of Petly?

At Trinity Veterinary Medical Center, we completely understand!  Petly Preventive Care Plans offer affordable monthly payments for plans that cover all of your pet's routine preventative care.  Petly Plan Patients never pay for an office visit (a savings of $39.95 per visit) and receive an additional discount of 5-20% for services, depending on the plan level.  A multi-pet discount may apply.

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