A Home Away From Home

Our goal is providing an environment your furry friends can enjoy while you are away. ​
We offer a variety of options for your pet’s comfort and safety.


We proudly serve Hill Science Diet as our clinic food but are happy to offer your dogs any diet you desire (*we do not allow any uncooked meats in the hospital for all patients safety).


Dogs are exercised three times daily, provided fresh water at all times, and comfy bedding provided (*all “bedding shredders” will not have access to bedding to prevent gastrointestinal foreign bodies)


Your kitties are welcome too! Cats are provided food and water at all times. We make sure their boxes are clean and love them (if they are so inclined) so they get special attention too.


Medication can be administered to your pet as long as it arrives in the original bottle from the prescribing veterinarian.


All pets admitted for boarding must be current on routine vaccines and free of parasites or infectious disease.